I Bike Fresno Bike to Work Day

Corporate Challenge

Fresno City

The Bike to Work Day Corporate Challenge is complete! Bikes have been ridden and miles have been logged. Victors have emerged and prize winners have been chosen. Just one question remains ... will you keep riding your bike the rest of the month? The rest of the year? The rest of YOUR LIFE?

Because we think you should be pretty inspired. 32 companies with 214 total riders rode 3,446 miles and burned more than 87,000 calories on May 20th. And that's just one day. Imagine what we could do if we all rode our bikes two or three times a week? Or seven days a week?

The 2016 Bike to Work Day Corporate Challenge got people out on their bikes, riding to work and reminded them that "Biking = Joy". We think that's pretty darn cool.




  • 87,000+ Calories Burned
  • 3446+ Total Miles
  • 214 Total Riders
  • 32 Total Companies
  • 16.1 Avg. Miles per Rider